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Our Story

Sterne Ave Cigar Company was created as a way to pay homage to our late brother and uncle, Morris Wilson. He loved a good smoke and lived life to the fullest! Our company is more than just a cigar company or brand, it’s a way of life! My fondest childhood memories come from sitting on the gallery of our family home in East Texas with my elders. On that porch, through storytelling and folklore, we were taught our family history and helped us to develop a sense of pride… The two things that were always a constant during these occasions was good tobacco and spirits! Steeped in family tradition and mired in history, Sterne Ave Cigar Co. serves as an ode to generations of tobacco smokers in our family. Our roots can be traced back to slavery and the tobacco fields of South Carolina to freedom and entrepreneurship in Texas! Sterne Ave is where the past and the present meet! It is not only who we are, it also embodies what we are about and encompasses how we live… Let’s change the world, one cigar at a time!

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